At Shalem Center we seek to support people
in living meaningful lives that contribute to a more just, humane,
and peaceful world — our home.

Healing and Growth are Primary

Trees and sky photoOur purpose is to promote healing and growth for individuals, groups, and organizations in the larger context of spiritual purpose. This purpose is realized through intentional development of consciousness — of self, others, the natural world, and the Divine.

Shalem Center provides:
  • Psychotherapy and spiritual mentoring services
  • Programs integrating spirituality in daily life experience
  • Consultation and training for healing professionals and clergy on topics integrating psychology, somatics, and spirituality.

Spirituality Is Inclusive: Honors All Paths

Group holding hands at sunsetInterspiritual work is a primary focus at Shalem Center.

Here, spirituality is understood broadly to include all religions, faiths, and paths as expressions of human yearning for realization of divine nature. Divine Unity is recognized in all religions and spiritual paths. Programs and services reflect this inclusive approach.

Peace Is the Ultimate Goal of Spirituality

Dove of Peace over the EarchUltimately spiritual purpose expresses itself in service to the larger communities in which we live. This service is towards more peace and harmony in one’s existence — in the inner and outer levels of life and including all spheres of life.